Liberals dump 3,000 'dual members'

The B.C. Liberals have stepped into the controversy over NDP memberships. They say they have just completed a check of their own membership lists, and come up with more than 3,000 dual members.

That's much higher than the number released last week by NDP headquarters. It said it had found only 100 dual members.

The Liberals say they obtained a leaked NDP membership list, and compared names electronically.

Liberal Party president Andrew Wilkinson says they found 3,069 people who were members of both the B.C. Liberal Party and the NDP.

"I think we all have to question the quality of the audit done by the NDP," he says, "and our position is anyone who comes out of this weekend's convention as leader should call an election immediately."

Wilkinson, says Liberals do not permit members to belong to another party. He's now sending letters to those with dual memberships, notifying them their membership has been revoked.

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