Layton looking for gains in southern Ontario

NDP Leader Jack Layton is campaigning Sunday in the industrial heartland of southern Ontario, where thousands of manufacturing jobs have been lost.

NDP Leader Jack Layton campaigned Sunday in the industrial heartland of southern Ontario, where thousands of manufacturing jobs have been lost.

The campaign swing took Layton to seven cities and ridings, from Windsor to Welland, in a bid to boost the local campaign where the NDP either holds the seat or is trying to take it from the Liberals or Conservatives.

Layton said the Liberals can't be trusted and the Conservatives have not thought about the families that have suffered layoffs.

At a rally in Hamilton, he spoke of people who have their lost jobs and can't make their mortgage payments, "and they're going to have to take the money out of their RRSP, which is what they were hoping to have as a little nest-egg, maybe, to have some time together after they retire."

 "I couldn't believe it when I heard Stephen Harper say everything was fine," Layton said. "I literally couldn't believe it. Like, what does he think we are? You know, he can put on any sweater he likes, but he can't pull the wool over the hard-working people's eyes in this country."

The NDP is pushing a "buy Canadian" program to boost employment, and is proposing a fund that would spend $750 million a year to retrain displaced workers for green jobs. 

The party also said it would appoint a job protection commissioner to investigate major layoffs and shutdowns.

Liberal Leader Stéphane Dion, also campaigning in southern Ontario Sunday, has repeatedly said a vote for the NDP would not stop the Conservatives.