Toronto Mayor Mel Lastman has unveiled an ambitious multi-billion dollar plan to revitalize the city's waterfront.

Lastman made the announcement accompanied by Prime Minister Jean Chretien and Premier Mike Harris.

In an uncommon show of solidarity, both the premier and the prime minister said they support the plan. But so far, neither of them has committed any money.

With a cold wind blowing off lake Ontario, Lastman stood at the doors of a huge film studio and talked about his grand vision to transform Toronto's waterfront. "Our plan is packed with ideas to make it happen. Gradually removing the Gardiner Expressway, new and affordable housing, a new 46-kilometre transit line," he said.

Add to that a new aquarium, a museum and Olympic facilities - should Toronto win the 2008 summer games.

But Lastman couldn't say how much all this will cost, or who will pay for it.

Harris says he supports the redevelopment plan, but can't say how much money, if any, his government will commit. "The fact of the matter is we don't know at this stage," Harris said.

Chretien was also vague about federal money, but hinted some money will flow. "We always take the share that we have to pay."

It appears a good deal of the plan hinges on private sector involvement.

Financial expert, Robert Fung, has been appointed to chair a task force on the ambitious plan. He is to report back in 60 days on its cost and what roles the various levels of government and the private sector should play.