Today our Waterloo Region World Cup fans of the day were taking in the Portugal vs. Germany game in group G, which Portugal lost 4-0.. We found our German fan at the Schwaben Club in Kitchener, and our Portuguese fan at the Lisboa Bakery and Grill.


Soccer fanatics Rachelle Martin (back) and her friends (from left) Ferren Brunelle, Cassandra Lin and Ericha Schiketantz were rooting for Germany at the Schwaben Club in Kitchener Monday afternoon. Germany beat Portugal 4-0. (Dan Rankin/CBC)

Name: Rachelle Martin

Where do you live: Bridgeport

Who are you cheering for: Germany

Why are you cheering for Germany?: All of my girlfriends except one have German roots, and we’re all soccer fanatics. So every soccer game, every World Cup we’re all out in force. Growing up we all played soccer so it’s kind of in our nature. Our cars are all decked out with Germany flags and scarves, and if we win we go flagging up and down the street honking our horns and screaming, “Germany!”


St. Mary's High School student Jordan Anao stood atop the bleachers at Kitchener's Lisboa Bakery & Grill Monday afternoon rooting for Portugal's World Cup squad. (Dan Rankin/CBC)

Name: Jordan Anao

Where do you live: Kitchener

Who are you cheering for: Portugal

Why are you cheering for Portugal?: My parents were born and raised there and they’re big Portugal soccer fans. So are my grandparents. It’s just a pride thing for our nation. It’s just in my blood. It’s so much fun to get everyone together. That’s why they have the FIFA World Cup – for everyone to get together and show their pride.