World Cup 2014: Waterloo Region's fans of the day

Our picks for World Cup fans of the day in Waterloo Region.
Honduras' Maynor Figueroa (3) tries to block the ball during the group E World Cup soccer match between France and Honduras in Porto Alegre, Brazil, on Sunday. France won 3-0. (David Vincent/The Associated Press)

As fans across the Canada take in the 2014 FIFA World Cup, we are profiling some of those who made it out to catch their favourite teams in action. We found these two at Bobby O'Brien's Irish Pub in Kitchener this Sunday afternoon watching France take on Honduras.

France fan, Mike Ashman of Kitchener is watching France v. Honduras with his step-son Mason Rebbeck, photobombing him on the left.

Name: Mike Ashman

Where do you live: Kitchener

Who are you cheering for: Of course, France!

Why are you cheering for France?: Because I was actually born and raised there. I’ve been here [Canada] since I was 11 and I’m now 39. I used to play [soccer] as a kid all the time in the schoolyard.

Paul Honderich of Waterloo says he'd like to see Germany make it to the final because of his Germanic family roots.

Name: Paul Honderich

Where do you live: Waterloo

Who are you cheering for: All of the games have been really entertaining so far. The big game starts tomorrow [Monday] when Germany gets involved with Portugal so that’s going to be a great game. I’d still like to see Germany get through to the final. That’d be nice, but probably Brazil, Argentina may end up in the final.

Why are you cheering for Germany?: I have a Germanic background…I like the way the Germans play. They got a really strong squad. They’re there every year, so hopefully this year they’ll break through and win.