Worker hurt after falling from Margaret Avenue Bridge

A construction worker was hurt after falling while working at the Margaret Avenue bridge on Thursday.
Emergency crews rushed to the Margaret Avenue Bridge Thursday evening after a construction worker fell and suffered a suspected broken leg. (Matthew Kang/CBC)

A construction worker was hurt after falling while working at the Margaret Avenue bridge on Thursday.

Fire officials say they received an emergency call at around 4:30 p.m. and that the man was wearing a safety harness.

“We found a worker that had slipped and fallen and was in an awkward position,” said Kitchener Fire Platoon Chief Kevin Karley.

“It required firefighters to go on rappelling rope and go down onto the slippery surface, put him in a basket and extract him back up.”

Karley said he suspected the worker’s leg had been broken in the fall.

Tyler Collins, who lives near the bridge, says he came by the scene when he saw the lights of emergency vehicles. Collins says he saw the worker before he was carried away by paramedics.

“Everything seems pretty good, he was talking and everything so I’m sure he’ll be OK,” said Collins.

Kitchener Fire says the Ontario Ministry of Labour is expected to investigate the incident.

The fall comes almost two months after construction worker Nick Lalonde fell to his death while working at a condominium building in Uptown Waterloo. The Ministry of Labour issued 17 work orders – including five stop work orders – to Maison Canada, the Waterloo property rental company that manages the high-rise building.


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