The town of Woodstock, Ont., and Oxford County are considering plans to run entirely on renewable energy, like wind and solar power, by 2050.

The Oxford County council will vote on the proposal in mid-June. If the plan goes ahead, Woodstock would be only the second municipality in Canada, after Vancouver, to commit to such an idea.  

Jose Etcheverry, a York University professor and green energy expert working with the county, said the plan isn't just about protecting the environment — it also makes economic sense.

"Renewable energy technologies are actually quite competitive, and non-renewable resources are bound to increase in price sooner or later because — by their nature — are not going to be replenished," said Etcheverry. 

Oxford County is no stranger to green technology, having produced electric cars for Toyota. The county has a number of electric vehicle charging stations and even a bio-gas generation plant. Ten wind turbines will be up and running by next year.

"There's a lot of support at the local level, and that support is bound to grow when people realize the benefits in terms of energy security, in terms of climate protection that can accrue locally," said Etcheverry.

The plan goes to Oxford County council June 10.