Police have issued arrest warrants for the man they believe responsible for a fatal accident that killed a Kitchener family on Friday. But executing that arrest has been difficult because the man is still in hospital.

The arrest warrants charge Wilson Rene Molinares, 22, with four counts of manslaughter. 

Margaretha Wall Hildebrandt, 27, Heinrich Martens, 31, Gerhard Hiebert Peters, 30 and 16-month-old Jacob Wall Hiebert died Friday when a Honda Civic — travelling the wrong way in the northbound lane of Interstate 35 — hit their minivan as well as a pickup truck.  

The driver of the Civic was taken to hospital in Austin in critical condition. His injuries are now considered serious, but not life-threatening.  

Jail can't handle suspect's injuries

He hasn't yet been arrested because of those injuries, says police spokeswoman Kim Hilsenbeck. 

"Normally, you serve an arrest warrant, you place the person under arrest, you book them into a jail. But when you have someone that isn't up and around and functioning, it creates ... challenges."

She said Hayes County jail, where anyone arrested in Kyle is incarcerated, doesn't have the facilities necessary to look after someone with his level of injury. 

 "They do have a medical infirmary, but it's not necessarily equipped for severe or serious cases. So there's just some logistical challenges, that's the only delay."

Police are now analysing data that came from a crash reconstruction carried out on Sunday, but aren't yet releasing the results of their investigation.