An advisory panel to the Ontario government has suggested minimum wage in this province needs to match changes in the Ontario Consumer Price Index

And Premier Kathleen Wynne doesn't think it's such a bad idea. 

She assures an increase in the province's minimum wage is coming. It currently sits at $10.25 and hour and has been stagnant since March 2010. 

According to Statistic Canada numbers, about one in 10 workers in Ontario are making minimum wage, and it's not just teens.

The Statistic Canada Labour Force Survey shows that in 2012, 27 per cent of people earning minimum wage were 35 or older, compared to in 2004 when it was 17.3 per cent — the lowest rate in 15 years. 

What was your first minimum wage job? Did it meet your financial needs at the time? Or are you working for minimum wage right now? Join the live chat with guest host Jackie Sharkey.


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