Wellesley firefighters say they have saved a herd of cattle after getting a barn fire on Schummer Line Monday afternoon under control.

“The potential for the fire could have been extreme,” said Wellesley Township fire department chief Andrew Lillico. But he said firefighters managed to get the fire under control quickly.

Firefighters will be working into Monday evening to remove smouldering embers of straw that remain. Lillico said that blowing snow and cold weather conditions continue to pose a challenge to firefighters.

Lillico estimated that damage costs were around $20,000, but that the barn’s total value with livestock and equipment was around $1 million.

 “From the exterior of the barn there would be very little damage noticeable,” said Lillico. “There was some roofing material that had to be removed to check for fire extension, but relatively speaking the barn is in normal condition.”

The cause of the fire is unknown at this time. The fire is believed to have originated near an electrical panel in the barn.