When Cec Joyal noticed she had a winning cup in Tim Hortons' ‘Roll up the Rim’ contest seven years ago, she decided to give it to a homeless person instead of claiming the prize of free food for herself.

Joyal wondered if she could multiply this act of kindness and began collecting winning cups whenever Tim Hortons held the promotion every year.

This year has been particularly successful after her project gained a lot of attention in the local media, she said

“It just spread like wildfire, the most successful campaign to date,” said Joyal.

So far, Joyal estimates she’s collected over 2,500 winning rims and over 70 Tim Hortons gift cards.

“Someone actually sent me a rim that won a $100 gift card,” recalls Joyal.

Joyal says cups have come in from all over Waterloo Region, Guelph, Hamilton and the Greater Toronto Area. A number of Catholic schools also adopted the campaign during Lent.

“Everybody wants to help, but maybe don’t really feel comfortable enough approaching a homeless person or don’t want to give a homeless person money,” she said.

“This is just such an easy thing to do and it really has an impact.”