Waterloo school board to lay off 13 new teachers

The WRDSB is cutting 13 high school teachers from its staff to accomodate for lower student enrollment expected next year.

Board says declining student enrolment a key factor

The Waterloo Region District School Board announced it has sent layoff notices to 13 high school teachers.

Mark Schinkel, the WRDSB’s executive superintendent of human resource services, says the board expects next year’s student enrolment to be lower than usual. This is largely because there are fewer grade 8 students in the system. 

"If all of our teachers were to return in September, we would find ourselves overstaffed," said Schinkel.

The WRDSB says all of the teachers are in their first year of employment with the board and in their probationary period. The teachers are from schools all over the region. 

However, the board says they may find employment once again within the WRDSB as older teachers retire or take a leave of absence.