Waterloo Regional police officer has snow fun with local children

Some police officers might stay inside their cruiser on a snowy day, but not Staff Sgt. Donna Mancuso. The Waterloo Regional Police officer played with some local children, making snow angels and having a snowball fight, proving there's always a little time to enjoy the snow.

Staff Sgt. Donna Mancuso is a kid at heart in this snowy photos with local children

Time to make snow angels! Staff Sgt. Donna Mancuso didn't hesitate to get down into the snow while playing with some children Tuesday. (@WRPSToday/Twitter)

Staff Sgt. Donna Mancuso clearly loves the snow.

On Tuesday, during a rather snowy day in Waterloo region, she decided to have a little fun with some local children.

Waterloo Regional Police tweeted out four photos of Mancuso playing in the snow Tuesday just after noon.
Staff Sgt. Donna Mancuso smiles as she pulls some children on a sled. (@WRPSToday/Twitter)

"Staff Sgt. Donna Macuso has a little fun – maybe too much fun – with some kids on a snowy day. #kidatheart #snowballfight #snowangels," the force tweeted.

The photos were a hit with followers.
Staff Sgt. Donna Mancuso makes snowballs with a couple of children Tuesday. (@WRPSToday/Twitter)

"Heart it," Charity Matheson tweeted. "There's a kid in all of us and we should never let that disappear."

"This warms my heart on a cold day. How fun!" Jennifer Hutton said.

"The other side of police work," Twitter user @DIY1959 named Christine wrote.
Staff Sgt. Donna Mancuso runs around in the snow with some children during a snowy day in Kitchener-Waterloo Tuesday. (@WRPSToday/Twitter)


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