Staff Sgt. Donna Mancuso clearly loves the snow.

On Tuesday, during a rather snowy day in Waterloo region, she decided to have a little fun with some local children.

Waterloo Regional Police tweeted out four photos of Mancuso playing in the snow Tuesday just after noon.

Pulling a sled

Staff Sgt. Donna Mancuso smiles as she pulls some children on a sled. (@WRPSToday/Twitter)

"Staff Sgt. Donna Macuso has a little fun – maybe too much fun – with some kids on a snowy day. #kidatheart #snowballfight #snowangels," the force tweeted.

The photos were a hit with followers.

Snowball making time

Staff Sgt. Donna Mancuso makes snowballs with a couple of children Tuesday. (@WRPSToday/Twitter)

"Heart it," Charity Matheson tweeted. "There's a kid in all of us and we should never let that disappear."

"This warms my heart on a cold day. How fun!" Jennifer Hutton said.

"The other side of police work," Twitter user @DIY1959 named Christine wrote.

Running in the snow

Staff Sgt. Donna Mancuso runs around in the snow with some children during a snowy day in Kitchener-Waterloo Tuesday. (@WRPSToday/Twitter)