(Map by Allison Leonard)

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Municipal elections will be held across Waterloo Region on Oct. 27, and the following is a city ward profile that summarizes some key information. Did we miss any key issues in your ward? Let us know; email us at yournewskw@cbc.ca. This profile was created in partnership with the Cord Community Edition.

Ward Geography

West of the Conestoga Parkway and north of Bearinger Road, Ward 3 encompasses primarily residential areas and green space, including the Laurel Creek Conservation Area.

Major issue: LRT 

Light rail transit has become a talking point across the Region of Waterloo, and it's a controversial issue in Ward 3, which will host the Northfield stop.

Though some residents look forward to the increased access to transit in this northern ward, others linked the development to the RIM Park fiasco.

Many residents voiced their views on the system but few would actually go on record to talk about their opinions about the project.

"You’re just asking to start an argument. No one in this city agrees on anything with LRT," says Jenna Michie, a resident who did agree to be named.

"But we should, shouldn’t we? We’re all going to be paying for it."