Waterloo Region bike thefts down 22% from last summer

The Waterloo Regional Police shared new statistics with the CBC showing a drop in reported bike thefts from last summer to this summer. This drop was most notable in July, with nearly 50 per cent less reported bicycle thefts than last July.
Kitchener resident Chris Plunkett displays a cut lock after his bike was stolen in May. (@cmlplunkett/Twitter)

Bike thefts are down by 22 per cent in the first three months of the summer compared to last year, statistics released to the CBC by Waterloo Regional Police show. 

Between May and July this year, there have been 403 bike thefts reported to police, down from 520 in the same time period in 2013 and from 442 in 2012.

This drop was most notable this July, with 37.8 per cent fewer reported bicycle thefts compared to last July.

Bike thefts reported to Waterloo Regional Police


Waterloo Regional Police spokesman Olaf Heinzel said media attention and preventative measures by the community may have led to the decrease.  

"We're hopeful that between the public awareness around it and some of the things that are being done in the community, that the number of incidents will continue to drop," said Heinzel. "We're hoping that's a trend, but it's really too early to say."

People should provide as much detail as possible when reporting stolen bikes, said Heinzel. Police are often unable to return found bikes to their owners, so they end up being auctioned off. 

There are enough unclaimed recovered bikes for police hold an auction two to three times each year, said Heinzel. 

Police are holding the next auction this Saturday at 9 a.m. at M.R. Jutzi & Co. at 5100 Fountain St. N. in Breslau.


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