Bake Sale

An aerial view of the world-record-breaking bake sale on Saturday. (Courtesy @KWBigBakeSale)

A Waterloo group set a new world record for the world's biggest bake sale on Saturday.

"We beat the record by 1000-plus, I haven't done the actual math, but the current record was 13,085. We sold 14,534 treats and raised $14,390 for Rotary-supported charities," said Chris Mintz, co-founder of the event, created by The Running Rarebits

"The next step for us is that we take all of our evidence that we collected for the Guinness folk, our tear-off labels, our video evidence and we send that in to Guinness, they verify that we've done our diligence," said Mintz.

The sale took place at the Boardwalk shopping complex, off of Ira Needles Boulevard in Waterloo. The group tried to break the record in 2013, but fell short by about 400 baked goods. 

"We had 150 bakeries and that included 25 of Kitchener-Waterloo's finest commercial bakeries, who all gave us 8 dozen or more treats. We had people who brought 200,300 treats that they'd baked," said Mintz.

Mintz said co-founder Maria Michel made 1000 treats herself.

"It was so energetic, it was unbelievable. We started in the morning, we had the Waterloo fire department [bring] a fire truck down,"said Mintz.

"We sent one of the firemen up the ladders with one of our phones, and he took a picture of the entire bake sale layout."