Waterloo city council voted in favour of raising parking fees by 10 per cent for the city’s pay parking lots in the uptown core on Monday.

The increase was met with opposition by some councillors, who were concerned about the impact on small businesses and their employees in a tough economic year.

Ward 7 Coun. Melissa Durrell says she would have liked to see some other options put forward.

“Perhaps cutting that 10 per cent increase back to 5 per cent – or I’d even be in favour of having no parking increase for one year, just while many businesses get their bottom lines in order,” said Durrell.

However, ward 1 Coun. Scott Witmer says he believes there's a real cost to providing parking which should be paid by those who use it.

“I think there’s other steps that the city can take and has taken to help improve the business climate in Waterloo,” said Witmer. “I think those are probably more effective than reductions in parking fees.”

Since 2011, the city has been increasing parking fees by about 10 per cent a year.