If you want to support Canadian products, French's isn't your only ketchup option. President's Choice brand is also made in Canada, and often with Ontario tomatoes. 

"President's Choice has a stellar track record with supporting Canadian farmers and most of the President's Choice products are actually made in Canada." said Sylvain Charlebois, professor of food distribution and policy at the University of Guelph. 

"The President's Choice ketchup ... most of it, is actually made from Ontario-grown tomatoes and processed here."

Made in Canada French's claim to fame

The revelation comes in light of the public outcry to keep French's brand of the tomato condiment on Loblaws store shelves. 

This viral campaign really caught a lot of people by surprise, including Loblaws.
-  Sylvain Charlebois, professor of food distribution and policy, University of Guelph

The grocery store chain said it had plans to stop sales of French's ketchup as a result of poor sales. 

But within 24 hours of announcing it would pull the condiment from shelves, public outrage on social media prompted Loblaws to reverse course. 

"This viral campaign really caught a lot of people by surprise, including Loblaws." Charlebois said. 

CBC has reached out to other companies, including ConAgra Foods and Compliments to determine if their takes on the classic condiment are made in Canada as well, but so far, no calls have been returned.