Victoria Park canoe rental business proposed

Ned Courtney, the owner of Kitchener-based Canoe the Grand, is looking for the blessing of Kitchener city council in order to set up a canoe rental business on Victoria Park Lake on a trial basis this spring.

Kitchener-based Canoe the Grand hopes to start boat rental business for visitors this spring

Right now, ducks and geese are the only ones enjoying a paddle on the placid waters of Kitchener's Victoria Park Lake, but that could soon change as a local business owner looks to city council for approval of his proposed canoe rental business.

Ned Courtney, the owner of Kitchener-based Canoe the Grand, is looking to set up shop on the downtown waterway for a 45-day trial period, from May 15 to June 30.

"We're going to put in some boats there whenever council agrees it's a good idea to try it," Courtney said. "We'll put them in there for a few weeks and see if there's enough interest to justify keeping the service on at the park and if so, then we'll continue to service daily right through until Labour Day."

The proposed business would offer customers boat rentals by the half hour from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. with the last boats coming off the water by 5 p.m. or dusk for special occasions.

An April 24 report from Kitchener city staff recommends councillors approve Courtney's proposed canoe rental business in Victoria Park.

"I think it will be a great add to the park's enjoyment factor," Courtney said Wednesday. "It's a small waterway so it'll be a short thing and an inexpensive thing there for people to do, so they can take the kids out for a little canoe ride or, eventually, a paddle boat ride."

Courtney's proposed canoe rental business will be discussed at a May 6 meeting of the City of Kitchener's Community and Infrastructure Services Committee before it goes to city council for approval.