The University of Waterloo has been tabbed to study the safety of level crossings.

Public Works and Government Services Canada has posted a notice awarding a contract to the university for continued research into Transport Canada's system for evaluating rail crossing safety.

But Transport Canada insists the request has nothing to do with last week's deadly collision between a city bus and a Via Rail train in Ottawa.

Six people were killed and 30 more were injured when the bus crashed through a lowered safety barricade and slammed into a Via locomotive.

Transport Canada spokeswoman Karine Martel says there's no connection between the crash and the university's research, which she said began about 10 years ago.

Martel says the agency's latest requisition for improvements to the system, known as Grade-X, was signed in February 2013.

The $120,000 study will look into whether there are better ways for inspectors to assess the potential dangers of railway crossings.