Guelph Police Service

A Guelph man was arrested Monday evening after he was spotted in the city's downtown area brandishing a toy hand gun that a passerby mistook for the real thing. (Colin Butler/CBC News)

A Guelph man will likely have to explain to a judge exactly what he was up to after he was spotted brandishing a toy gun that was mistaken for the real thing in the city's downtown on Monday evening. 

Police said they received a call from the public about a man who was spotted drawing a black hand gun at about 6:40 p.m. Monday evening. 

A second call to police then reported the suspected gunman entered a nearby apartment building. 

Officers arrived at the building and inside they found the suspect arguing with a woman. 

The man was arrested and searched and officers found a black toy hand gun tucked inside the man's waist band, as well as a small quantity of marijuana. 

Police said the man faces drug and weapon possession charges as well as breach of probation and public intoxication.