Ontario PC leader Tim Hudak

Ontario PC leader Tim Hudak said Friday he would cancel planned light rail projects and divert the money into expanding service on GO Transit's rail network. (Frank Gunn/The Canadian Press)

Plans by Ontario Progressive Conservative leader Tim Hudak to cancel four LRTs won't affect Waterloo Region, according to a party insider, because the train "has already left the station in K-W."

The announcement was made by Hudak in Toronto Friday, promising voters that if he's elected premier, he would scrap four proposed LRT lines in Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton and Hamilton in favour of subways for Toronto and all-day, two-way GO trains. 

"The train," Jacqui Delaney, a policy official with the Ontario Progressive Conservative party, wrote in an e-mail, "has already left the station in K-W."

"When we talk about scrapping LRTs we are referring to the GTHA," she wrote. 

Waterloo Region Council voted in March to award the $532 million contract to Granlinq to build stage 1 of the project, with $300 million coming from the province.