Improved GO train service between Waterloo Region and Toronto has a new champion in Toronto Mayor John Tory, who was in Kitchener on Wednesday to promote the idea of an innovation corridor between the two regions. 

Tory says the commute along Highway 401 is a "nightmare," and one "that saps our economic strength, not to mention the quality of life of people who live in this broader region."

"I would welcome any proposal anybody had to get this whole transportation issue going," he said. "Whether we do that in partnership with someone in the private sector, whether it's done by the private sector alone, by the public sector with private sector advice, I don't really care. I don't think people really care either. They just care about getting a transportation link in place that's effective."

Short-term solutions needed

Trains travelling all day and in both directions between Waterloo Region and Toronto is the end goal, but Tory said he's also looking for short-term solutions.

"Buses, cars, I mentioned airplanes ... you know, let's put our minds to work and do better than we're doing today. That's got to be the objective in the short-term," he said.

"Doing nothing, to me, is not a viable option, and is not common sense when it come to the opportunity we would miss to attract all these other people from around the country, and even just to get people to stay here."

Tory says pushing for improved transportation is just one way Toronto and Waterloo Region are working together to attract foreign talent and economic investment.