Todd Cowan

Todd Cowan is seeking to be re-elected as mayor of Woolwich township. (Todd Cowan)

Woolwich mayor Todd Cowan faces fresh allegations of double-billing taxpayers for the second time in less than a month. 

Last week, Cowan was accused of double-billing the region and the township for $2,770. 

Now, an internal review shows Cowan may have double-billed $465.62 in mileage to the township and the Grand River Conservation Authority . Both expense claims investigations are in the hands of police. 

Devin Petteplace, the spokesperson for the township of Woolwich, said auditors could not explain the duplication.  

"That's why it has been referred to Waterloo Regional Police Service, because they have the expertise and the knowledge to evaluate what the intent behind an action was on something like that," he said.

Township councillors are calling on the mayor to pay the $25,000 cost of investigating his own expenses.