'This is Your Out' device gets you out of awkward situations

A new startup has created a device that sends a call to your phone via Bluetooth at the press of a button, and an app provides you with a script to get out of awkward situations.

Getting out of a jaw-grindingly awful date or a never-ending board meeting could now be as easy as pushing a button.

This Is Your Out, a new startup based in Kitchener, Ont. uses a discreet key fob that pairs to mobile phones via Bluetooth. You press a button on the fob and moments later, your phone rings and you now have a bulletproof excuse to flee the scene.  

"It's a way to escape social situations that you don't want to be in," says Ivan Lukianchuk, the creator. 

"For example, you're on a really bad date you don't want to be on, and you don't necessarily want to go into the bathroom and sneak out the window." 

Here's another instance in which the device might come in handy:

The fob can be used in concert with an app that can mimic caller ID, showing a fake call from a family member for example, and also provides a script for you to repeat, but it's not necessary to use the app to get a call. The technology can be paired with both smartphones and older flip and feature phones, and will retail for $35 US. 

Lukianchuk is trying to raise $100,000 on Indiegogo to produce the fob and the app.

Would you use the app? CBC Kitchener-Waterloo asked some locals – and got some of their bad date stories. 

(Andrea Bellemare/CBC)

Jessica Blondin, 20, student

What was your bad date? 

"It was a double date. The guy worked with my friend and he had a thing for her, but she had a boyfriend.

So she tried to set him up with me and we went on the date with her and her boyfriend, but it was really obvious that he still liked her more.

We went to the movie and stuff, and it was fine, but it was it was kind of awkward for me, because I was like, 'Mmmm, I don't really know you.'"

Would you use an app to get out of a date? 

"In that situation probably not, just because my friend would have been stuck with him then, since it was a double date. But if it had been just him and I, then yeah, totally, I would've wanted to get out of there pretty quick."

(Andrea Bellemare/CBC)

Amy Anjos, 30, works in IT

What was your bad date? 

"I tried the online dating, and so it was pretty much a blind date. Met up, the date went fantastic, had dinner, coffee and then he was walking me to my car and then decided to put his hands down my pants and grabbed my bare bum.

So I basically told him, 'The date was going fantastic, and you just blew it.'"

What did he say when you said that? 

"Nothing because I just got it my car and left." 

Would you use an app to get out of a date? 

"I wouldn't use an app, I'll BBM my sisters and [ask them] 'Can you call me and say there's an emergency?'"

(Andrea Bellemare/CBC News)

Adam Sellner, 17, student

What was your bad date? 

"This one girl at my school in seventh grade asked me if I wanted to go rollerskating with her. So I thought I'd be nice and so I said yes, even though I didn't even know her too well.

So I texted my buddy and I told him to send me a text or call me to ask me to hang out if I sent him a message that it wasn't going well. So he actually told his mom and had her ready to come pick me up if things went bad, but the date didn't go too bad. So I kind of stuck it out and met up with him after.

It worked out all in all, but it was kind of awkward the whole time."

Would you use an app to get out of a date? 

"Definitely, I would definitely use an app to get out of the date. If it saves me the awkwardness, for sure."

(Andrea Bellemare/CBC)

Sydjea Ivey 

​​What was your bad date? 

"My bad date experience is seeing someone that you've been talking to for so long, and them not meeting up to your expectations when you see them and then them wanting more than what you want to give them."

Would you use an app to get out of the date? 

"If it can get me out of a bad date and give me a good excuse, yeah I would." 

This is Your Out is a combination app and hardware button that helps you get out of awkward social situations. To use it, press the button on the fob, and shortly after your phone will ring with a pre-determined script to repeat. (This Is Your Out)


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