The Boathouse in Kitchener to get new operators

The City of Kitchener will be requesting proposals for new operators for The Boathouse by early October, with the hope of having the renowned music venue open again by summer 2014.

City says venue will undergo renovations

City staff will evaluate the business plans and renovation designs of the remaining two bidders and present them to Kitchener council in early December. (Mike McCulloch/CBC)

The City of Kitchener will be requesting proposals for new operators by early October for The Boathouse,the much-loved music venue in Victoria Park. 

Rod Regier, Kitchener's executive director of economic development, said the city is committed to getting the popular local music venue open again by summer 2014. 

"This is not a facility that we want to let stand for any length of time, but there is a significant amount of work to be done," said Regier in an interview Monday

The city changed the locks at the venue earlier in the afternoon after the previous operator, Kevin Doyle, had failed to make good on rent and utility payments stretching back five months. 

When asked about Doyle, Regier said there were "liability concerns". However, he added that if those concerns were to be resolved then Doyle could still be a possible operator for the venue. 

Doyle could not be reached for comment. He has accused the city of failing to make promised renovation funds available.

But the city has countered that Doyle never presented a plan for renovations when requested.

The city says it plans to present the recommended proposal and tenant in December and would begin renovations to the site in early 2014. 


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