Travis Mitchell says he put video footage of a fatal crash in Kyle, Texas, which killed a Kitchener family and left two young girls orphaned last Friday, on YouTube because he was shocked that other motorists didn't stop to help. 

"I was horrified when I saw how many people drove past the initial collision and I felt like it violated the basic calling of humanity, that we should be willing to put ourselves in harm's way to help those who are in peril," he told CBC News.


Mitchell co-owns Mitchell Motorsports in Kyle with his brother. A surveillance camera mounted outside the business captured a Honda Civic travelling the wrong way in the northbound lane of Interstate 35 and hitting a minivan.

'I was horrified when I saw how many people drove past the initial collision.' - Travis Mitchell, owner of security camera

The van slides across the screen, coming to rest in the upper right corner of the video. A few minutes later, the video shows what appears to be a pickup truck striking the stopped minivan.  

Margaretha Wall Hildebrandt, 27, Heinrich Martens, 31, Gerhard Hiebert Peters, 30, and 16-month-old Jacob Wall Hiebert died in the crash.

"I have a family, I have twin boys, I have an 18-month-old son, and my heart just goes out to that group of folks that suffered so tremendously," said Mitchell.

"I drive a van up and down the interstate every single day and I just think about if that had been us, and if we somehow had survived the initial impact, I'm just grieved to think that people might decide to drive around and go about their lives."

He provided the video to Kyle police and later felt compelled to post it online. Mitchell, who is running for city council in Kyle, also wrote a blog post on his website about the crash.

"Honestly, I'd like to think that I'd have the courage to pull over and try to assist the people in that van. I know that after watching that video I'm more motivated now than ever," he told CBC News. 

Kim Hilsenbeck, a spokeswoman for the City of Kyle, said officers will use the surveillance footage, combined with a scene reconstruction, to piece together the events of Feb. 19. 

"I know people think it's not [early], but it's still very early in the process to determine what's happened," said Hilsenbeck. 

On Tuesday, Kyle police confirmed they had issued arrest warrants, but by Thursday still had not actually arrested the man they believe is responsible. 

The four arrest warrants are for manslaughter and name Wilson Rene Molinares, 22. 

Hilsenbeck told CBC News that Molinares' arrest has been complicated by the fact that his injuries, though not life-threatening, are severe enough that Hays County jail doesn't have necessary facilities to look after someone in his condition.