Termites have been found at the River Run Centre in downtown Guelph, leading officials to order the inspection of 300 properties in the city's core. 

Inspections are scheduled to begin on May 5 and last until June 13. Once the infested area is defined, the city will implement a control plan, including the installation of termite traps. 

The city said Monday it has seen evidence of termite activity at the the performing arts centre, and in John Galt Park, located on the west side of the Speed River at Macdonell Street in downtown Guelph. 

This is the first time termites have been seen in the downtown core west of the Speed River, according to the city.

City staff will treat the affected area near the River Run Centre, remove stumps and wood chip mulch around the property and in John Galt Park, and install termite monitoring traps. 

The response is part of the city's termite management program, which created the King termite management area last August on the north side of Eramosa Road. The city inspected 450 properties and discovered termites at 12 as part of the program.