Guelph Police have arrested a man and a woman following an investigation into crystal methamphetamine and heroin trafficking in the east end of the city. (Guelph Police Service)

A 49-year-old man believed to be responsible for nine separate bank heists in Kitchener, Burlington and Oakville was arrested in downtown Guelph on Tuesday. 

The man, who has no fixed address, was arrested by Halton Regional Police officers without incident shortly after he left a Bank of Montreal branch on Wyndham Street in downtown Guelph.

Police believe he is responsible for plotting nine separate bank heists in Kitchener, Burlington and Oakville over a four month period from January to April. 

Officers reviewing security video taken from each robbery managed to identify a vehicle believed to have been used by the suspected robber.

"In patrolling in the City of Burlington, that vehicle was located," Halton Police spokesperson Sgt. Chantal Corner said Wednesday. "The officers subsequently followed it all the way to Guelph." 

Police watched the suspect park the vehicle near the Bank of Montreal on Wyndham Street before entering the branch wearing clothing similar to what the suspected bank robber wore in the video. 

"What he has worn in every robbery is a scarf across the bottom of his face and he always wore dark sunglasses in order to protect the identity of his eyes," Corner said.

While police were unable to arrest the suspect before he entered the branch, they were waiting for him when he came out. 

Corner said the suspect was arrested by officers on his way back to his car. 

"It wasn't until after that arrest that they realized that a bank robbery had been committed in that bank," she said. 

Police said in each of the nine robberies, the suspect neither displayed a weapon nor claimed to carry one. He simply walked up to the teller and demanded cash.

The man was scheduled for a court appearance Wednesday on nine counts of robbery and nine counts of wearing a disguise.