Created by Adam Imtiaz of Waterloo     

Allows you to buy day passes to gyms wherever they are when travelling    


​Allie Schmidt Dressage    

Allie Schmidt of Campbellville

High level dressage (horses) trainer and coach    


​Ani Co.

Anemer Martinez of Kitchener    

An online clothing retail company, where customers will be able to customize the clothing that they purchase.


A to G Music  

​Ashley Giles of St. Mary's    

A music teaching facility aimed at providing great, quality lessons to people of all ages and skills. Instruments offered for lessons are violin, fiddle, viola, mandolin, piano and more.    


​Ben Kloske Media Productions    

Ben Kloske from Ayr    

An event production company formed by a portrait photographer, Ben Kloske's goal is to deliver the best content for the client's needs.



Brandon Chow of Mississauga    

An app that connects people with activities in their area – archery tag, board game cafes, dojos – and help them register on line for events.



Chris Clark of Waterloo    

Helps companies looking to hire students from post-secondary schools in Kitchener-Waterloo but do not know how to manoeuvre the school ecosystem. They post job opportunities, maintain connections and build a list of students.


​Waterloo Student Labour (WSL)    

Clint Nielsen of Waterloo

Provides low-cost, quality labour services to residents & business. The scope includes garden maintenance & design, deck and fence construction & repair, landscaping, providing subcontracted labour to contractors, painting & staining, yard work, junk removal, sodding, moving, and odd jobs.     

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Photo Mojo 

Connor Runstedler of St. Jacobs  

Design shirts and sell them online on and complete graphics design work for clients.  

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Compose Health Personal training and consulting services

Daniel Yu of Waterloo    

Focuses on rehabilitative as well as athletic performance based development with an emphasis on evidence-based techniques of sparing the low (lumbar) back.     

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150 Change

David Monteyne of Kitchener    

Making T-Shirts and apparel.

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​Babelot Communications Service

Dylan Harness of Sarnia   

Offers services to real estate and property management businesses.

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​Fushimi Productions 

Etai Mizrahi of Waterloo    

A sole proprietorship video production company that looks to find affordable video solutions for customers and specializes in small businesses and start-ups by creating effective and creative video productions that are flexible around budget.



Evan Pappas of Toronto    

An online retailer, providing bathroom shelving, organization, and storage through our website. We plan on carving out our place in the competitive bathroom market through quality product, superior sales and marketing, and a deep understanding of our target market.     


​MotionVolt Media    

Ibrahim Muni of Waterloo    

Provides multimedia services including photography,videography, audio production and mobile game development.    

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Hedgehog Medical 

Jason Deglint of Waterloo    

Creates software solutions for medical imaging applications, including software that finds and tracks artery walls from ultrasound images and videos.  


​Living Green and Clean  

Katarina Kuhnert of Waterloo    

program that provides young people to live sustainably in urban environments. It operates at three levels: A monthly subscription which provides weekly personal challenges accompanied by personal living tips; household consulting for environmentally responsible living; community centered events for the community.    

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Creative Productions 

Kristina Kuhnert of Waterloo    

Helps clients with planning, organizing, production, design, and event needs.    

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Kneading Equine Massage Therapy

Laura Sliter of Cambridge    

Massage therapy for horses in Waterloo region, Halton region and surrounding areas. Massage can help improve circulation, muscle tone and decrease pain.

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Major Line Threads 

Louay Chauki of Waterloo    

Clothing and accessories

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Arkana Arts

Marc Bouchard of Ottawa    

Provides specialized services that allow independent artists and art businesses to spend more time creating their works while increasing their online sales. These services include building and managing custom e-commerce websites, online marketing and advertising, managing social media accounts, as well as optimizing product listings for existing e-commerce platforms such as Etsy, Amazon, and Ebay using in-house software algorithms.


Create with Medea  

Medea Rasheed of Waterloo

An art business that sells Medea's unique acrylic paintings from her online store.


​Odisea Production

Melissa Gonzalez of Waterloo    

Video production service bBusiness (videography and editing) specializing in events and social media video content for start-up businesses.    


​Robinson Riding Academy

Michaelah Robinson of Linwood    

Pony rides, horseback riding lessons and horse/pony training to a variety of customers who may range from having a mild interest in horses to a committed passion for the animal and sport.  


​Bare Necessities Baking

Mikaila Emrich of Cambridge    

Desserts using only whole, unrefined ingredients while providing outstanding flavour and nutrient density. Focus on Paleo muffins, which are gluten free, grain free, dairy free, and refined sugar free.    


​Para Not-Sew-Normal Pajamas  

Morgan Dean of Cambridge    

Producing customized pajama bottoms with embroidery.    

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Handy 1

Mouaz Hendi of Waterloo    

Provides support for computers and phones.    

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Padded Properties

Nevan Whiteside of Waterloo   

Manages rental units for independent owners of small rental properties – find and screen tenants, coordinate maintenance, and handle other issues property owners face.    

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Nicole Ballve of Cambridge    

Selling churros with different fillings and flavors at different events.    

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Po-An Tsai of Waterloo    

An online platform which connects people near each other to order from restaurants together. Using group orders we can provide free delivery for all users.



​Qasim Aaron of Waterloo 

Inserts for virtual reality headsets    

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Wolf Entertainment

Saif Al-Din of Kitchener   

Creating CGI images, scultpures and videos, as well as custom made videos.    

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​Sienci Labs

Sanghun (Andy) Lee of Waterloo   

CNC (computer numerical control) milling is a subtractive manufacturing method that uses rotating tools to precisely remove material from a blank. Our first product is the Sienci 1, a high performance, 3 axis desktop milling machine that turns your ideas into real objects. By focusing on simplicity and effective design, we have created a better user experience at a price point affordable for all of us.     


​Rolling with Rex

Scott Bennett of Cambridge   

Zorb ball rentals



Sydney Posliff of Kitchener       

​Video documentation of life stories.    


​Tee Time 

Tony Shi of Waterloo     

Selling tees with custom graphic and premade graphic  

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