A scared and injured deer was euthanized in a downtown Kitchener parking garage after running through the area on Thursday.

On Thursday afternoon, Waterloo Regional Police received a report that a deer had been spotted running through the downtown area.

Hours later, police fielded another call that a deer was spotted on the third level of a parking garage at the corner of Benton and Charles streets.

Police and KW Humane Society animal control officers responded and the animal had made its way up to the fourth level.

The deer was tranquillized and examined. Animal control officials determined the deer had sustained a broken jaw.

"The deer was ultimately euthanized and removed," police spokesman Olaf Heinzel said, adding police appreciate the response from the public.

"There is a potential risk to public safety, and that is why there needs to be a quick response to this type of this type of thing. Certainly drivers and cyclists within the urban area are not expecting an animal or wildlife of that size to be there, and they certainly could run out and into a vehicle and cause a collision to occur."

Jack Kinch, executive director of the Kitchener-Waterloo Humane Society is advising members of the public to leave wild animals alone when they come across them.

"Animals are not used to interacting with humans and can be easily spooked as what happened with this deer. As a result of panicking, it injured itself."

If people leave wild animals spotted in the city alone, Kinch said they will likely find their own way back into the wild.