Second LRT train about to begin journey to Waterloo region

Bombardier tweeted a photo Monday afternoon of the second LRT train ready for delivery to Waterloo region.

Bombardier tweet shows second LRT train waiting to be loaded as it heads to Waterloo region

The second LRT train shown on the tracks waiting to get picked up. (Bombardier/Twitter)

Bombardier tweeted a picture Monday afternoon showing the second LRT train loaded on rail tracks, waiting to begin its journey to Waterloo region. 

Coun. Tom Galloway, chair of the region's planning and works committee, told CBC News last week that the second train would be leaving Kingston Monday and arrive ten days after.

The second LRT train was originally scheduled to arrive in Waterloo region at the end of June. However, its delivery was rescheduled to be end of August or early September.

Region officials received timelines from Bombardier during a meeting last Monday, saying it will deliver the next three LRT trains to Waterloo region by Thanksgiving, Oct 9.