Greencard graffiti

Graffiti on the outside of the back entrance at the Diana Downtown restaurant in Guelph. The restaurant's manager, Dariq Smith, says he thinks the graffiti is aimed at the restaurant's workers, many of whom are visible minorities. (Dariq Smith)

A restaurant manager in Guelph is speaking out after racist graffiti was placed on a back entrance for employees.

The graffiti was spray-painted on with a cut-out stencil, clearly depicting the phrase "Did you bring your green card" at the restaurant Diana Downtown.

Smith says Diana Downtown's new owners are from Pakistan.

Smith adds he feels the hateful message was intended for many of the restaurant's workers, who are also visible minorities.

However restaurant manager Dariq Smith says he is hesitant to contact police about the incident.

"My issue with contacting the police is I've dealt with other issues in the past that are hate crimes and I've never really felt that it's gone anywhere," said Smith. 

"So I decided to take it to the media instead."

​While Smith was hesitant to contact the Guelph Police Service about the racist graffiti, an inquiry from CBC News has led the force to look further into the matter.

"In this particular case, we actually found out about it on Twitter," Guelph Police Constable Michael Gatto said Friday. "We were never contacted on it."

"We have since finding out about it gone to the restaurant, we actually officers there as we speak trying to get more information." 

"In the future all we can tell to business owners and property managers to please contact us when you do have these incidents happen because we do track them in the hopes that even if we can't find a responsible party right now, that potentially down the road will be able to," he said.