Waterloo Regional Police have released the number of charges laid in last week's St. Patrick's Day celebrations near Wilfrid Laurier University around Ezra Avenue and Seagram Drive. 

Overall, police say they're pleased there were no major incidents during the celebrations. 

Here is a list of the charges laid by officers from Waterloo Regional Police, WLU Special Constable Services and City of Waterloo Bylaw Enforcement. 

Have/Possess Open Alcohol - 204

Have/Consume Alcohol under 19 - 23

Intoxicated in public - 1

Unlawfully keep liquor for sale - 2 

Unlawfully sell liquor - 2 

Highway Traffic Act - 16 

Over 80 - 1 

Possible controlled substance - 2 

Bodily emission - 11 

Trespassing - 7 

A "bodily emissions" offence is a city bylaw offence where a bodily emission is defined as spitting, vomiting, urinating or defecating. A Waterloo bylaw prohibits people from having or causing a bodily emission in a public place.

Between 12:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. emergency crews responded to 37 requests for service and transported eight patients to emergency rooms. Police say all patients were in stable condition and there were no major concerns. 

Waterloo Fire also reported one false alarm and one instance of vandalism where emergency exit signs were vandalized.