Liberal candidate Ken Coran, the former president of the Ontario Secondary School Teachers' Federations, says his past battles with the party he now represents were with a different government. (Chris Young/Canadian Press)

As London West voters head to the polls in one of the five provincial byelections being held today, the minority Liberals are pinning their hopes on a candidate whom they had battled with in the past.

But many believe it's still too close to call in a riding that was held by former Liberal cabinet minister Chris Bentley and has been a Liberal stronghold for 10 years.

With the campaigning over, party workers are turning their attention to getting voters to the polls.

Liberal candidate Ken Coran, the former president of the Ontario Secondary School Teachers' Federation, says offering rides is a priority, especially with showers in the forecast.

"The weather we have no control over, but helping people get to the [polls], we do have some control over, so we'll certainly be doing that," said Coran.

In his former role as teacher's union boss, Coran had clashed with the province over a deal with high school teachers and even campaigned for the New Democrats in Kitchener-Waterloo.

But he has said those battles were with Dalton McGuinty — a "government that is no longer a government."

Coran is facing off against Progressive Conservative candidate and London lawyer Ali Chahbar and New Democratic Party candidate Peggy Sattler

PC leader Tim Hudak was doing some last minute door-to-door canvassing Wednesday for Chahbar.

Meanwhile Sattler said she has an army of volunteers doing her ground work and that the support candidates receive while campaigning doesn't mean anything if people don't exercise their right to vote.

"We are going to be contacting our supporters at the door or by phone and just reminding them that it is election day and offering whatever assistance they may need,"she said.

Almost 7,600 people in London West have already voted in advance polls.

CBC will be providing coverage and updates on all five provincial byelections tonight on radio, TV and online.