Forty pythons were found last August in a motel room in Brantford, Ont. The owners have each been charged with three counts of animal cruelty. (Cory Ruf/CBC)

Two people from Brantford will pay more than $2,500 for storing 40 pythons in a motel room without enough water.

Brantford Police found the snakes in August as part of a separate investigation.

The pythons were being kept in five plastic storage bins at the Bell City Motel on Colborne Street in Brantford.

At the time, Brant County SPCA spokesperson Brandon James said it was the most snakes he had seen in one location. He said the snakes were in distress because of the cramped conditions and lack of water.

The snakes belonged to a local couple who stayed at the room for only one night, a manager at the motel told The Canadian Press. A guest in a neighbouring room told CBC News that the couple had five young children with them, including a baby.

Guy Boisseault and Cynthia Csomos have each been fined $1,000 and will have to pay the Brant County SPCA $637.50 in remuneration. They are both convicted of causing distress to an animal, failing to provide enough water and failing to provide care.