Over $100K in drugs, guns seized in Guelph

Guelph police have seized a substantial amount of illegal drugs, weapons and cash after an investigation that lasted several months.

Multiple weapons and $70k in cash also taken

After a lengthy investigation that began in May, Guelph police seized over $100,000 worth of drugs after executing five search warrants.

The drugs included marijuana, hashish, OxyContin and over 730 grams of cocaine.

Several shotguns, replica firearms, a crossbow and close combat weapons were also seized, along with over $70,000 in cash.

Inspector Garry Male said the drugs were intended to be sold exclusively in the Guelph area, and the seizure is a significant one for the city.

“Earlier in the year, we dedicated more resources to our drug and intelligence unit,” said Male. “The aim was to go for mid- to higher level drug dealers in our community.”  

Five people have been arrested and are facing numerous charges.