The Ontario Municipal Board has dismissed an appeal made by a development company to build a gravel pit in Woolwich Township.

The appeal was made on Monday, following Woolwich council's decision in 2009 against the proposed gravel pit. Hunder Development Ltd. wanted to dig the pit on a piece of farmland between Conestogo and Winterbourne in the township. 

"It would have been literally in someone's backyard. Like, literally in someone's backyard. I'm not talking about, you know, across the road and down the woods. No, literally in your backyard," said Woolwich Township mayor Todd Cowan. 

Council originally voted against the proposal because of concerns from neighbours over potential dust, noise and truck traffic. 

"When you look across the province at the number of applications to extract gravel that go to the OMB, you don't see many of them that have been denied. So this is a huge win for us," said Cowan

Hunder Development Ltd. can appeal the Ontario Municipal Board's decision in 30 days.