The Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation says it will review its process of selecting municipalities for casino development, throwing into question plans by Woolwich Township to bring a casino within its borders.

The move by OLG comes after requests by Premier Kathleen Wynne and now Finance Minister Charles Sousa to further examine the process.

"OLG will review as the minister has requested," said OLG spokesman Tony Bitonti in an email to to CBC News Thursday evening. He said the details of the review are under discussion. He was not able to specify further.

Bitonti said Sousa on Thursday had repeated a request made on Wednesday by Wynne to "review" the process for casino allocation. The finance ministry did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

Waterloo Regional Council voted 10-5 Wednesday night to reject outright a new casino anywhere in the region. However, Woolwich Township voted in March in favour of casino development.

"If they change the rules we'll respect that," Woolwich Township mayor Todd Cowan told The Morning Edition host Craig Norris Friday. 

Wynne told reporters in Waterloo on Wednesday ahead of the region's vote that she was concerned about a regional government contradicting a lower-tier municipality. 

"I do think that this is a problem when you've got municipalities with overlapping jurisdictions and I don't think there's enough clarity on whose decision this should be," said Wynne.

Kitchener council will hold a final vote on a casino on Monday.