New methadone clinic coming to Kitchener this summer

A new methadone clinic is set to open near downtown Kitchener in early August.

Doors expected open in early August

A new drug addiction treatment clinic is set to arrive near downtown Kitchener.

The new clinic will open at 1145 King Street East near Ottawa Street in early August, said Peter Earle, the vice-president of outreach and development at Towards Recovery Clinics.

Earle said the clinic will offer an embedded pharmacy and counselling support.

"It’s an unfortunate need but it is a need out there," said Earle. "And we are certainly taking a patient-oriented, positive outcome approach in terms of both the counselling and the treatment services."

Methadone is a synthetic opioid used to treat opioid dependence and can block euphoric effects of heroin, morphine and similar drugs. It is often ingested by patients in liquid form. (Chuck Branham/Associated Press )

The clinic is expected to serve up to 100 patients in its first six to eight months, and could slowly be expanded to treat up to 800 patients.  

Earle added that he has been in discussions with local politicians and social service agencies on how the clinic can be integrated appropriately into the community.