New LRT logo unveiled: What do you think?

Region of Waterloo staff have recommended one of ten logo designs for the incoming ION LRT system. Did they make the right choice? Cast your vote.

5 logos were shortlisted for selection to represent the ION

This is the logo regional staff will be recommending to represent the LRT. (Region of Waterloo )

Regional staff have selected a logo design to represent the ION LRT system. The selection process was a rigorous one, with input from focus groups on perceived strengths and weaknesses of each design. Out of ten designs, five were shortlisted.

The community was brutally frank in their criticism of each design. Here are the five logos and what some people thought of them.

Did regional staff make the right choice? Cast your vote at the bottom of the page.


Logo # 1 (Region of Waterloo )

"Reminds me of TRON."

"Looks like a hat."


Logo # 2 (Region of Waterloo )

A community member said it that it looks like "the LOL symbol."


Logo # 3 (Region of Waterloo )

Some focus group members said it reminded them of the Yogen Früz logo.


Logo # 4 (Region of Waterloo )

"70's pornographic movie."

"Acid trip."


Logo # 5 (Region of Waterloo )

"SOS or SS when viewed sideways."