After 94 years, the New Hamburg Lawn Bowling Club is closing its doors in September and letting the grass grow long.

The club says there aren't enough members to stay open anymore - there are currently 13 members but at the club's height there were between 40 and 50 members.

"We met with the members the beginning of June and talked it over with them. They started to realize we just couldn't handle it all," said Betsey Gudz, who has been bowling at the club for about 13 years, after she retired and moved from Mississauga to New Hamburg. 

"It's inevitable at this point, because we had explored all sorts of options of approaching different groups." 

Gudz said they even asked the mayor if they could have space at the new rec centre for the club. 

"At the time I joined, there were about 40 members," said Gudz. 

"When you're walking down the street in New Hamburg it's wonderful to see people who were members years ago that you meet," said Gudz. 

The plan is to sell the property and donate the money from the sale to charity. There's already an interested buyer. 

The club will close Sept. 29