Woolwich Township mayor Todd Cowan says he is pleased to hear about new provincial funding for municipalities to help fix roads, water mains and sewers, and will apply to the fund immediately.

Earlier this week, Premier Kathleen Wynne announced the province would allocating $100 million to a new infrastructure fund for small communities.  

"Usually on the federal side of things you complete the project and by receipt you get the money. Here we're actually getting some funding along the way to help out with the project," said Cowan

Woolwich Township is the fastest-growing township in Waterloo Region, but has struggled to deal with a $60 million infrastructure deficit. 

In 2013, Cowan and other councillors in Woolwich pushed for the construction of a casino in the township to raise funds to deal with the infrastructure shortfall. However, the casino faced strong community opposition and ultimately the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation decided not to push forward with casino plans

"You're looking at aging infrastructure when it comes to water mains and sewers and the most efficient ways to address that is when you re-do the roads, you re-do the water mains and the sewers and in some of our aging communities, that's something that's standing out," said Cowan.  

If the township qualifies, the money will go toward aging sewers and water mains and repairs to a collapsed culvert in Conestogo