Neighbours remember Lorrie Baechler as kind and caring

Lorrie Baechler was a kind woman who always had time for others, according to her Kitchener neighbours and co-workers.
Lorri Baechler is one of two people found dead by Waterloo Regional Police on Sunday after neighbours reported hearing gunshots. (Lorri Baechler/Facebook)

Lorrie Baechler was a kind woman who always had time for others, according to her Kitchener neighbours and co-workers. 

Baechler, 40, and Robert Murphy, 44, were found dead by police on Sunday morning in a house on Brock Street, after neighbours reported hearing gunshots. Homicide detectives are investigating, although they say there is no ongoing risk to the public's safety.

"I had a really hard time with my wedding and I remember, one day I just had too much going on and I went to her and she gave me a really big hug," said Evelyn Asante, a neighbour and co-worker at Manulife, where the two of them worked. "She hugged me like a mother would."

"Every time she'd see you, she was so kind and when she saw you and she greeted you, you felt very special and very important. And she'd never walk by you and see you without greeting you," said Asante.

Felicia Morris said that Baechler always made time to listen when Morris was having a bad day at work, even if Bacheler was extremely busy.  

There's nobody in the world like her, like not one single person, to be honest with you.-Felicia Morris, neighbour and co-worker of Lorrie Baechler

"She'll just get up and she'll go, 'Where do you want to go, where do you want to talk? Where do you want to walk?' And we'll go wherever," said Morris, who also worked with Baechler. 

"She'll take time out, 15, 20 minutes, as long as you need, she could miss meetings or whatever, just for you to sit there and vent and talk to her," said Morris.

"She's just a good listening ear, and she'll put in her advice when she needs to ... believe me, those stories are endless."

Morris said that Baechler always went above and beyond for friends and co-workers 

She's been there for people, if people have died in your family, or even friends, she'll say, 'Take some time,'" said Morris.  "There's nobody in the world like her, like not one single person, to be honest with you."

Eric Jardin, who has lived in the area for two years, said he often saw Baechler when he was walking outside with his son.

"She was a lovely lady, absolutely lovely. Every time you see her she always had a smile and a kind word," said Jardin. 

He said that Baechler and Murphy seemed like a regular couple. 

"We were walking just last week to go around the pharmacy with the little guy here, and you can kind of see in their backyard, and they were out doing gardening," he said. "Just normal every day things. It's kind of shocking to see someone tending the garden one day and then find out that they're gone." 

An autopsy is scheduled to take place in Hamilton to confirm the cause of death. 


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