Ontario's NDP leader Andrea Horwath says she supports two-way, all-day GO service between Kitchener and Toronto.

The Ontario NDP is echoing the Liberals' promise to create two-way, all-day GO service between Kitchener and Toronto.

Ontario NDP leader Andrea Horwath said the Liberals need to commit funding to the project immediately instead of waiting for the budget, during an announcement Wednesday at Kitchener's GO train station.

"We don't know anything at all about where the Liberal financing plan is and so we're going to take a look at the ideas that they're going to put on the table hopefully during a budget. Goodness, we've waited long enough," she said. 

The NDP plans to fund the the transit expansion through an increase in corporate income tax according to Horwath. 

GO service a top priority for driving economic growth in the region and attracting investment, Horwath said.  

"We know that productivity is being stymied by the gridlock that occurs around the [Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area] and other parts of the province. We know that it will benefit companies to see not only their workers get to work on time consistently but also the movement of goods will be impacted in a positive way," Horwath said. 

The Liberals have not yet detailed how they will pay for their $29 billion transit plan. The details are expected in the budget on May 1.