Multi-use trail coming to Cambridge on Conestoga Blvd

Cyclists and pedestrians will soon have a new multi-use trail to enjoy. Construction of the 2-km trail will begin on August 24.

Construction of the 2km trail begins August 24

Proposed plan for the multi-use trail and its specifications. On the right is the trail, and the left is Conestoga Boulevard. (City of Cambridge)

Construction of a new 2-km multi-use trail along Conestoga Boulevard in Cambridge, Ont. begins on August 24. The city says the asphalt trail will be approximately 3 metres wide and will provide space for both cyclists and pedestrians.

The trail will run between Pinebush Road and Dunbar Road. 

James Etienne, the city engineer for Cambridge told CBC News it's a strategic location because it's in the middle of the three communities. 

The new trail is located west of Conestoga Boulevard between Pinebush Road and Dunbar Road. (

City initiated

But the project didn't start because of resident demand.

"I think it's one of these things, if you build them, they will come," he said, "It's something that gives a bit more comfort to people when they know they're separated from car and truck traffic, especially on those busy roads."

Funding of the trail comes from the Ontario Municipal Cycling Infrastructure Program, which granted $325,000 for the project. The rest of the money comes from the region and the city, at $225,000 and $450,000, respectively.

Etienne said construction is scheduled for 60 work days, lasting into November.