Mobile payment company Square officially opened their first Canadian office on King St. West in Kitchener on Wednesday.

Square CEO and Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey was there for the opening.

"We recruit a lot from the University of Waterloo, both Square and Twitter has a lot of University of Waterloo grads," said Dorsey. "There's some magic happening here that we want to be a part of, not only take from but give back to."

Square's world headquarters is in San Francisco.

"We hired an amazing engineer whose name is Jesse, and he was very stubborn and adamant about not moving to San Francisco, about staying in Kitchener-Waterloo, and he's fantastic," said Dorsey of engineer Jesse Wilson.

"So we knew that if we enabled Jesse to stay here and enabled him to hire people knew, it would actually have a pretty significant force up here," he said.

Square plans to keep hiring and eventually have 30 people working in the Kitchener office.