Ministry of Labour issues 17 orders after Waterloo death

A Waterloo property rental company has received 17 orders from the Ministry of Labour after a 23-year-old construction worker fell to his death last week at a high-rise construction site.

Maison Canada manages the building where a 23-year-old worker plunged to his death on Friday

The 17 work orders include 5 stop work orders. All orders are in place until they are lifted by a ministry field inspector. (Matthew Kang/CBC)

The Ontario Ministry of Labour has issued more than a dozen orders to Maison Canada, the Waterloo property rental company that manages the high-rise where a construction worker plunged to his death last week. 

Nick Lalonde, 23, was installing masonry block on the 12th floor of an off-campus student housing building at King Street North and Bricker Avenue in Waterloo on Friday, when he lost his balance and fell to his death. 

As a result, Ministry of Labour inspectors have visited the site and issued 17 orders to Maison Canada. 

"This includes five stop work orders, along with an order not to disturb the scene from the 11th floor upward," Ministry of Labour spokesman Matt Blajer said Tuesday. 

A handful of workers could be seen at the construction site on Tuesday. (Matthew Kang/CBC )

Blajer said the orders require Maison Canada to install adequate safety features including guard rails or coverings in order to prevent a worker from falling through floor openings, as well as hand rails, stairs and ramps to be installed at specific locations at the construction site. 

The company must also establish a joint health and safety committee and has been ordered not to use a mast climber scaffold platform until the company can ensure there are not any unguided openings. 

"Once a stop work order is in place it remains in place until the field inspector lifts it," Blajer said. 

In a comment to CBC News, Maison Canada President Borz Fariborzi offered his condolences to Lalonde's friends and family and said his company continues to work in cooperation with the authorities. He added that any further comments to the media on this case would be provided by his lawyer.  

A funeral for Lalonde is being held Wednesday in London at Memorial Funeral Home, beginning at noon.  


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