Kitchener's top engineer estimates the cost of demolishing and replacing the Margaret Avenue bridge would be $5 million, but there's no rush to raze the 54-year-old structure, which has been closed to traffic since June 13.

"We need to make a good engineering decision on this," Barbara Robinson, Kitchener's Director of Engineering told Morning Edition host Craig Norris Tuesday.

"I'm not going to rush to take down the bridge until we have enough information to decide whether this is the wisest use of our tax dollars," she said.

"Right now we have no money in the budget to spend $5 million on a bridge."

The Margaret Avenue Bridge was closed to pedestrian and motor traffic on June 13 after an engineering report presented to Kitchener city council revealed the bridge could collapse without warning.

Since then, city inspectors have been doing visual inspections every two days looking for any sign of early deterioration which may lead to a collapse.

City staff are also looking at a number of options, which include providing additional support, removing the centre span of the bridge or replacing the bridge entirely.

However, the bridge will remain closed to all traffic until local politicians decide what to do.