The Ion LRT vehicle testing set for Thursday has been postponed until further notice due to missing documentation from Bombardier, according to Coun. Tom Galloway.

"It's a little bit complicated," Galloway told CBC News, adding he was told "there's some documentation that GrandLinq is still waiting for."

Galloway said he does not know the nature of the documentation needed by GrandLinq.

CBC News learned that project partners were still working out the details for the vehicle testing Thursday morning, but then testing was postponed without a new date being set.

Thursday tow test nixed

The LRT vehicle was expected to be towed for systems testing on Thursday. 

"There's a whole host of systems on the train that need to be tested – from doors, to lights, to wheels – on the tracks," Tom Galloway, regional councillor and chair of the Region of Waterloo's planning and works committee, said on Monday.

In mid-November, the region expects the vehicle will be ready for an auto-powered test, one where it would run on a length of test track without a tow vehicle.

Galloway said this test postponement will not affect the LRT launch date.​

"At this point in time, it doesn't appear that [the testing] is critical to the start of the service in spring of 2018," he said.